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Module 1: Engaging with Children and Families

Knowing Who We Are:
Learning from Families about their Needs


 Facilitator's Guide Download PDF  Order the video 

This seminar provides participants with an overview of the needs and concerns raised by families of severely ill children. The session utilizes a fourteen-minute video to identify a range of issues in family-centered pediatric palliative care that have been identified by children and families. Participants are encouraged to consider unidisciplinary and interdisciplinary roles and responsibilities for assessing and responding in an individualized manner to the needs and concerns of each child and family. Discussion questions focus on the importance of integrating biomedical, psychosocial, cultural and spiritual knowledge of children and families.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the range of needs and concerns identified by families throughout the course of a child's life-threatening illness.
  • Outline the roles and responsibilities of the different professional disciplines (nurses, physicians, social workers, child-life specialists, chaplains, etc.) for assessing and responding to the needs and concerns expressed by children and families, and sharing that knowledge within the team.
  • Explore ideas and practices conducive to getting to know families on their own terms.
  • Identify constructive ways to overcome personal and organizational barriers to understanding and working well with families.

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