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Module 1: Engaging with Children and Families

Speaking the Same Language: Values and Principles of Pediatric Palliative Care


 Facilitator's Guide Download PDF  Order the video 

This seminar focuses on identifying the values and behaviors relevant to establishing strong and supportive relationships with children and families. Responding to a thirteen-minute video, participants explore and articulate appropriate professional roles and obligations as caregivers of seriously ill children and their families. Participants explore the personal and professional consequences of encountering suffering in children and families, and identify strategies available to them for staying sensitively and effectively engaged.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify values and behaviors in health care professionals that are conducive to ethical and effective engagement with children and families.
  • Define existing challenges and obstacles-personal, professional or institutional-that may make it difficult to engage optimally with children and families at times of acute suffering.
  • Identify insights and strategies for staying connected with children and families at these difficult times.

Learning Objective for Optional Discussion Question:

  • Explore the similarities and variations in the challenges encountered by different professional disciplines in staying connected with children and families over time.

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